Kombucha is a bubbly, tangy, slightly sweet, slightly sour beverage full of live cultures and nutrients that has become widely known for it's health benefits and unique flavor profile. While only being introduced to the west in the 1990's it has been brewed and consumed across seas for over 2000 years. Kombucha is traditionally made by fermenting organic black/green/white or a combination of using a S.C.O.B.Y., an acronym for Symbiotic Colony/Culture of Bacteria and Yeast. The balance of yeast and bacteria breaks down the sugar and tea compounds into it's simplest forms making the nutrients easier for the human digestive system to absorb. These nutrients include digestive enzymes, probiotics, natural B vitamins (including B12!) acetic, amino and glucaric acids, electrolytes and antioxidants. Kombucha is naturally raw, naturally carbonated, vegan and gluten free. It can boost the immune system, sooth digestion, aid in weight control and balance the Ph of the body. Low in sugar, caffeine, carbs and calories, kombucha ia sparkling, non alcoholic beverage and is the perfect substitute for sugary, artificially carbonated beverages such as soda or juice. Kombucha is a sparkling, non-alcoholic beverage perfect for any event or function.



An heirloom is something valuable that is passed down generation to generation. It is our take on a classic flavor that has become a staple in our home. Heirloom is brewed using spring water, organic cane sugar and a special blend of black tea, green tea, rose petals and hibiscus.

Solar Spice

Our Solar Spice offers a bit of a kick and is made with the same blend of green and black teas, chamamolie, calendula, apple, cinnamon, ginger and date!

Old Fashioned Orchard

This brew eminds me of  waking up with the warm sun at grandma‚Äôs and picking  fresh peaches and strawberries for a decadent early morning snack! Made with Black tea, strawberries and peaches

Inspired Chai

inspired by my mom is warm comforting like the spring heat melting away snow! This buch is made with Black tea, Jasmine tea, Chai spices and a hint of fresh cuts pears .